About the Author

Will Hines is an actor, writer and comedian in Los Angeles. He’s a longtime performer and teacher at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, where he does sketch (scripts, wigs) and improv (no script, no wigs). He also lived in NYC for 17 (!) years and misses how fast the cashiers were. Until he was 30 he was a journalist and computer programmer, and everyone he worked with would be surprised to hear that he is a performer. He’s said one or two deadpan jokes on many of your favorite television comedies. Everyone famous he’s met has been nice, though he hasn’t talked to them that much. He has a cat. He likes making lists. When he was 24 he saved someone from drowning, which was cool!

Because Will was a computer programmer he figured this out: as of May 2016 he’d performed in at least 7,854 improv scenes on stage or in a classroom, and as a teacher/coach watched 42,660 more. These are conservative estimates.