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Two-for-one: get the digital versions of both “How to be The Greatest Improviser on Earth” and “Improv Nonsense: All the Posts.” Whoa!

How To Be The Greatest Improviser On Earth (digital)

Buy this and you will get three digital versions (pdf, mobi, ebook) of the book "How To be The Greatest Improviser on Earth."

Improv Nonsense: All The Posts (digital)

An improv book for the DERANGED!

This book is too much, really. It is a complete, uncut, all-inclusive print version of the hit blog We're talking more than 600 pages.

There's lots of really good advice in here. There's also lots of insane, not-fully-cooked ideas as well as anecdotes, inside jokes and analysis of shows and people you will not have heard of! It talks a lot about issues going on at the UCB Theatre, and has answers for lots of questions that students wrote in with.

It a truly deep dive that covers six years' of musings about improv in a beautifully formatted book! If you've read this far, you want it.

This is the digital version!

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Get both digital versions of “How to be the Greatest Improviser on Earth” and “Improv Nonsense: All the Posts.” A 25% savings!


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