How To Be The Greatest Improviser On Earth (print)


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An improv book for the PEOPLE! You wonder what it takes to be good at improv? Here is practical, human and thoughtful advice on what it really takes to make your scenework sing. Written by one of the most respected teachers in the field based on his 15 years of teaching and writing about improv.

226 pages.

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A book on improv for the PEOPLE! You want to know what it really takes to make your scenework pop? This book gets into it. Way into it.

The advice in this book was originally things the author would say in his classes at the UCB Theatre. Then he published those thoughts in his popular blog “Improv Nonsense.” But in preparing for publication, the author (me!) re-examined, revised and rewrote every piece of it. What you’re left with is a 226-page compilation that distills 15 years of improv teaching and writing experience.

“Will Hines was my first improv teacher, and his sense of reality in a world of make believe nonsense made me realize it was a door to an entire community of supportive, smart, funny people. And it was because of Will’s smart, thoughtful, realistic lens. He’s not an improv nut, but he is, you know? He has perspective. This is a manual from a master.” – Ilana Glazer, Broad City

“I read this book” – Shannon O’Neill, Artistic Director of UCB NY

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