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Improv Nonsense: All The Posts (digital package)


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A print version of the hit blog Six years of posts in a beautifully designed digital edition!


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If How to be the Greatest Improviser on Earth is the hit album, then Improv Nonsense: All the Posts is the box set that comes out after. A massive, sprawling 600+ page collection of six years of posts from the blog Improv Nonsense. See the author Will Hines (longtime teacher/performer at the UCB Theatre) be silly, get cocky, be wrong, be right, get serious and in general talk every which way about long-form improv.

Finally: yes, all of these entries are still online at, but here in this collection they are easier to read, sort through, cheer on or disagree with.¬†Designer/improviser Nick Jaramillo expertly created a beautiful PDF which includes a linked Table of Contents for easy skipping around.¬†You also get “flowable” EPUB and MOBI versions if you want to read them in an ebook reader.

All original spelling and grammar mistakes left in for authenticity!

Want to see a sample? Here’s the table of contents plus twenty pages.


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