Will Hines Improv Books

A page from “Improv Nonsense”

Hello! This web site USED to sell digital versions of Will Hines’ improv books. But because of LAZINESS on the part of the author, he no longer sells the books here.

To order print and digital versions of Will Hines’ improv books, head on over to the big guy: amazon.com.

For your records, these are Will’s improv books:

  • HOW TO BE THE GREATEST IMPROVISER ON EARTH — a collection of short essays on doing better long-form improv. Fun! Helpful! Popular! (June 2015)
  • IMPROV NONSENSE – an insanely long compendium of all of Will’s posts from his still-active Tumblr blog improvnonsense. Pubished in November 2015, I think. Truly insane, for the Will Hines improv die hards only.
  • PIRATE ROBOT NINJA – Co-written with Billy Merritt. An improv fable! Fun, just like a Billy Merritt workshop. Published May 2019.

Thanks to everyone who bought books here in the past!