Will Hines Improv Books

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This store offers DIGITAL versions of Will Hines’ improv books.

Why buy it here and not Amazon? Two reasons TO do it, and one reason NOT to:

  1. These digital versions include a FULL-COLOR, FULLY FORMATTED PDF files! Way more beautiful than your standard Kindle file. But just in case we include the versions for Kindle, Nook and other e-readers as well.
  2. The author gets all of the proceeds, so if you like supporting the author, you can feel good about that.

One reason NOT to get it here:

  1. You will have to do a little work to get the Kindle / nook / ebook files on your reader. Usually it involves connecting your reader to your computer and transferring the files, or sometimes you will have been given a special email address from, say, Amazon where you can email the files. It’s not TOO bad, but if you reading this and going “ugh, no way” then probably don’t buy the book here!

For the PRINT versions, there is only one option: order from amazon.com.

PIRATE ROBOT NINJA BOOK: For the new (as of May 2019) improv book “Pirate Robot Ninja: An Improv Fable” — co-written by Billy Merritt and Will Hines — please check out its page on Amazon.com.

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