“Improv is at its core tribal. And like all things tribal, ultimately much of the best knowledge of this art form is passed on through oral tradition. Will Hines has long been one of the chief mystics of this improv tribe and perhaps more than anyone else I know, a chronicler and protector of those traditions. Despite being a mild mannered man from Connecticut, it’s fair to consider him one of improv’s war chiefs, or maybe witch doctors. I’m not sure. This analogy has run its course. My point is that he is the person I turn to when I need to figure out aspects of this game, and I straight up think I already know everything.” –Chris Gethard, The Chris Gethard Show

“Will Hines was my first improv teacher, and his sense of reality in a world of make believe nonsense made me realize it was a door to an entire community of supportive, smart, funny people. And it was because of Will’s smart, thoughtful, realistic lens. He’s not an improv nut, but he is, you know? He has perspective. This is a manual from a master.” – Ilana Glazer, Broad City

“Will is one of those teachers that makes you feel like you have something special inside yourself– that you can possibly change the world. He has been pushing people to be bolder and braver for years and this book is not only a true testament of who he is, but the immense power of improvisation.” – Abbi Jacobson, Broad City

“I haven’t improvised in a loooong time, but Will Hines wrote a book that makes me want to. I’m tearing through it” – Rich Sommer, UCB improv team America

“I read this book” – Shannon O’Neill, Artistic Director of UCB NY