Get Psyched! (digital version)


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A 124 self-help written by self-help guru/only-just-barely-ex meth addict Dr. Lanny Latham. (Actually a self-help parody written by Rob Lathan and Will Hines, designed by Damian Chadwick) PDF version only.

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In 2010, Rob Lathan and Will Hines wrote this self-help parody based on a character Rob had been doing at the UCB Theatre, Dr. Lanny Latham.

No one asked them to do this book, but that didn’t stop Rob and Will from sinking an insane amount of time into it. They came up with a biography, a philosophy, tests, quizzes, testimonials and countless essay’s spelling out Dr. Latham’s self-help techniques.

Then they got their talented friend Damian Chadwick to help them lay it out, and their other talented friend Dyna Moe to make a beautiful cover. The book is indeed beautiful, and is chock full of amazing photos and graphics. It’s a wonder to behold.

And now, it’s once again available for you all to see. For just nine measly bucks, you can have a digital copy of this beautiful, insane, and far-too-detailed cult masterpiece.


PDF version only (no Kindle or nook versions).


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