Cheaper Shipping to Europe, Australia

Our printer now has facilities in Europe and Australia, which means much cheaper shipping there. Just about 4 USD to ship a book to either Europe or Australia. Another 1 USD for each additional book. Way cheaper than shipping it from America. Hey, all right!

Brand New Improv Book: “All the Posts”

All the Posts

PRINT VERSION NOW AVAILABLE. $30 (I know. It’s a lot. It’s more than 600 pages, so printing/mailing etc.).

Brand new improv book published October 2016! “Improv Nonsense: All the Posts” is a collection of every post from the first six years of the hit (?) improv blog “Improv Nonsense.” It’s a beautifully formatted PDF file with a linked Table of Contents that lets you sift through all 500+ pages with ease. 580 pages, $10!

DIGITAL TWO-FOR-ONE: Get digital versions of both “All the Posts” and “How to be the Greatest Improviser on Earth” at once for $13 (25% savings).

Plus the Original: “How To Be The Greatest Improviser On Earth!”


This is also where you can buy “How to be the Greatest Improviser on Earth” a book of advice on how to do long-form improv, written by Will Hines (me), based on his (my) popular blog: Improv Nonsense. 220 pages.

Print version is $15 (free shipping in America), digital is a paltry $7!